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Sun Power for a Butchery with a Plan

This business was looking for a way to save on the electricity bill as well as having backup power to keep essential refrigeration going for a few hours.With a Time Of Use tariff it made most sense to store energy during the day when the sun is giving FREE power and at night when the tariff is low and then draw energy from the batteries during Peak Hours when the tariffs are high while at the same time provide backup power for essential loads.Correct equipment selection and smart designing on splitting essential and non-essential circuits combined with paralleled inverters setup made this possible.System Design:
60kW Inverter Capacity, 60kWh Battery Capacity and 64.8kW Solar Solar Generation Capacity
Investment Cost: R1.13m Ex VAT
Saving per Month: R13000
Financial Payback Period: 5.1 years
Lifetime Bill Savings: R15.8m
Designed Lifespan: 25 years
Commissioning Date: Nov 2021

Fed up Farmer in Schweizer-Reneke

Dairy Farmer goes off-grid

With rising electricity costs and increased load shedding the losses for this business became unbearable. This Dairy decided it's time to get a Solar Hybrid System with Batteries to replace their reliance on Eskom Power completely or risk long standing family business. With Finance approved, a payback of 6 years and equipment life of 25 years, why not?System Design:
36kW Inverter Capacity, 40kWh Battery Capacity and 19.44kW Solar Solar Generation Capacity
Investment Cost: R608k Ex VAT
Saving per Month: R11000
Financial Payback Period: 7.7 years
Lifetime Bill Savings: R4.76m
Designed Lifespan: 25 years
Commissioning Date: Jun 2022

Guesthouses - Bloemhof

Guesthouses turn "Load Shedding" LOSS into PROFIT

Off course you would rather stay at a Guesthouse with guaranteed power instead of sitting without power in the dark. This is how some guesthouses turn losses into profit with smart, well-designed solar systems as backup solutions or go completely off the grid.


EXACTLY what the BANKS need for your Finance Approval

We do a professional software based design to make sure we have the correct amount of panels to generate the kWh units you need, the correct amount of battery capacity for your needs and the correct inverting capacity to make sure you can start the heavy loads.Then we run the Financial analysis to calculate all the financial figures you, the bank or your board members need in order to assist with the correct Investment decision.

Professional design and quotation next.

Serious about Solar?... Let's Get the Ball Rolling!

Let's make an appointment with one of our Professional Sales Representatives to meet you, collect all the and we need for the design and to make sure exactly what you need so we can recommend the best solution.

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